Rock climbing

Los Cangilones de Gualaca, Panama

During my time working in Panama last year I had the honor to meet a local climbing legend, Cesar Melendez. He was willing to take me to one of the most beautiful bouldering locations in the area.

Gunko in Boquete, Panama

This ancient volcanic basalt rock formation provides not only a beautiful sight, but also a perfect place for bouldering and some challenging climbs.

Freyr, Belgium

For years I have been climbing rocks in both Germany and Belgium with great pleasure with my good friend and climbing buddy Reinout Engel. Although I have never made good videos of these times, I was lucky to make these on our last trip to one of the best rocks in Belguim, Freyr. Unfortunately our paths have been separated for now, but I hope we will one day be reunited to climb some of the awesome rocks in Central America.

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